Ants of the Angelo Reserve

This list is compiled from the following list(s):

Title: (Ants Observed at the Angelo Reserve)
Author: Phil Ward
Description: A list of ants observed in November of 1990. The visit took place when ants are fairly inactive so list is not exhaustive. Phil Ward would expect a list of 30-40 species.

photo family scientific name common name
Formicidae Aphaenogaster occidentalis
Formicidae Camponotus vicinus
Formicidae Crematogaster coarctata
Formicidae Formica accreta
Formicidae Formica neogagates
Formicidae Formica subpolita
Formicidae Lasius pallitarsis
Formicidae Messor andrei andrei
Formicidae Pogonomyrmex subdentatus
Formicidae Prenolepis imparis
Formicidae Tapinoma sessile