Lichens of the Angelo Reserve

This list is compiled from the following list(s):

Title: (Lichens of the Angelo Reserve)
Author: Unknown
Description: typewritten list

photo family scientific name common name
Ophioparmaceae Ophioparma rubricosa
Teloschistaleceae Caloplaca holocarpa orange lichen
Acarosporaceae Acarospora schleicheri Schleicher's cracked lichen
Alectoriaceae Alectoria sarmentosa witch's hair lichen
Alectoriaceae Bryoria fremontii Fremont's horsehair lichen
Caliciaceae Thelomma occidentale western thelomma lichen
Candelariaceae Candelaria concolor lemon lichen
Cladoniaceae Cladonia coniocraea cup lichen
Cladoniaceae Cladonia fimbriata cup lichen
Cladoniaceae Cladonia furcata cup lichen
Cladoniaceae Cladonia squamosa cup lichen
Collemataceae Collema nigrescens jelly lichen
Collemataceae Leptogium californicum California skin lichen
Collemataceae Leptogium corniculatum skin lichen
Collemataceae Leptogium denticulatum Toothed skin lichen
Collemataceae Leptogium hirsutum hairy skin lichen
Collemataceae Leptogium lichenoides skin lichen
Collemataceae Leptogium saturninum Saturn skin lichen
Lobariaceae Lobaria hallii Hall's lung lichen
Lobariaceae Lobaria pulmonaria lung lichen
Lobariaceae Lobaria scrobiculata lung lichen
Lobariaceae Pseudocyphellaria anomala pseudocyphellaria lichen
Lobariaceae Pseudocyphellaria anthraspis pseudocyphellaria lichen
Lobariaceae Sticta fuliginosa spotted felt lichen
Lobariaceae Sticta limbata spotted felt lichen
Nephromataceae Nephroma helveticum Swiss kidney lichen
Nephromataceae Nephroma laevigatum kidney lichen
Nephromataceae Nephroma resupinatum kidney lichen
Pannariaceae Fuscopannaria leucostictoides
Pannariaceae Fuscopannaria leucophaea
Pannariaceae Leproloma membranaceum leproloma lichen
Parmeliaceae Kaernefeltia californica
Parmeliaceae Bryoria nadvornikiana Nadvornik's horsehair lichen
Parmeliaceae Evernia prunastri ring lichen
Parmeliaceae Flavopunctelia flaventior flavopunctelia lichen
Parmeliaceae Hypogymnia enteromorpha tube lichen
Parmeliaceae Hypogymnia imshaugii Hypogymnia imshaugii
Parmeliaceae Hypogymnia physodes tube lichen
Parmeliaceae Hypogymnia tubulosa tube lichen
Parmeliaceae Kaernefeltia merrillii
Parmeliaceae Letharia vulpina wolf lichen
Parmeliaceae Melanelia subaurifera melanelia lichen
Parmeliaceae Melanelia subolivacea melanelia lichen
Parmeliaceae Nodobryoria oregana
Parmeliaceae Parmelia multispora
Parmeliaceae Parmelina quercina parmelina
Parmeliaceae Parmotrema arnoldii Arnold's parmotrema lichen
Parmeliaceae Platismatia glauca ragged lichen
Parmeliaceae Platismatia herrei Herre's ragged lichen
Parmeliaceae Platismatia stenophylla ragged lichen
Parmeliaceae Punctelia subrudecta punctelia
Parmeliaceae Tuckermannopsis chlorophylla greenleaf tuckermannopsis lichen
Parmeliaceae Tuckermannopsis orbata tuckermannopsis lichen
Parmeliaceae Tuckermannopsis playtphylla tuckermannopsis lichen
Parmeliaceae Vulpicida viridis
Parmeliaceae Xanthoparmelia cumberlandia Cumberland xanthoparmelia lichen
Peltigeraceae Peltigera canina felt lichen
Peltigeraceae Peltigera collina felt lichen
Peltigeraceae Peltigera polydactyla felt lichen
Peltigeraceae Peltigera venosa felt lichen
Pertusariaceae Ochrolechia oregonensis Oregon crabseye lichen
Pertusariaceae Ochrolechia parella
Pertusariaceae Ochrolechia trochophora
Physciaceae Physcia adscendens rosette lichen
Physciaceae Physcia aipolia rosette lichen
Physciaceae Physconia grisea
Physciaceae Physconia pulverulenta frosted lichen
Ramalinaceae Ramalina farinacea farinose cartilage lichen
Ramalinaceae Ramalina leptocarpha cartilage lichen
Ramalinaceae Ramalina menziesii Menzies' cartilage lichen
Sphaerophoraceae Sphaerophorus globosus globe ball lichen
Stereocaulaceae Pilophorus acicularis nail lichen
Teloschistaceae Xanthoria candelaria orange wall lichen
Trapeliaceae Placopsis gelida bullseye lichen
Umbilicariaceae Umbilicaria phaea navel lichen
Verrucariaceae Normandina pulchella clam lichen