Liverworts of the Angelo Reserve

This list is compiled from the following list(s):

Title: (Liverworts of the Angelo Reserve)
Author: Dr. Daniel H. Norris
Description: checklist of liverworts of the NCCRP from the collection and notes of Dr.Daniel H. Norris, 7-8 February 1976

photo family scientific name common name
Aneuraceae Pellia epiphylla
Aneuraceae Riccardia latifrons
Aneuraceae Riccardia palmata
Aytoniaceae Asterella bolanderi
Calypogeiaceae Calypogeia muelleriana
Cephaloziaceae Cephalozia sp.
Cephaloziellaceae Cephaloziella rubella
Cephaloziellaceae Cephaloziella divericata
Cephaloziellaceae Cephaloziella turneri
Conocephalaceae Conocephalum conicum
Geocalycaceae Chiloscyphus polyanthos
Gyrothyraceae Gyrothyra underwoodiana
Jubulaceae Frullania bolanderi
Jubulaceae Frullania franciscana
Jubulaceae Frullania nisquallensis
Jungermanniaceae Jungermannia atrovirens
Jungermanniaceae Jungermannia rubra
Lepidoziaceae Lepidozia reptans
Lophocoleaceae Lophocolea cuspidata
Marchantiaceae Merchantia polymorpha
Porellaceae Porella navicularis
Porellaceae Porella platyphylla
Porellaceae Porella roellii
Ptilidiaceae Ptilidium californicum Pacific Fuzz Wort
Radulaceae Radula bolanderi
Ricciaceae Riccia californica
Ricciaceae Riccia sorocarpa
Scapaniaceae Scapania americana
Scapaniaceae Scapania bolanderi
Scapaniaceae Scapania umbrosa