Mosses of the Angelo Reserve

This list is compiled from the following list(s):

Title: (Mosses of the Angelo Reserve 1)
Author: Dr. Thomas and S.F. State U. class
Description: from Dr. Thomas and S.F. State U. class, spring 1975

Title: (Mosses of the Angelo Reserve 2)
Author: Dr. Daniel H. Norris
Description: Checklist of mosses of the NCCRP from the collection and notes of Dr. Daniel H. Norris, 7-8 February 1976

photo family scientific name common name
Amblystegiaceae Hygrohypnum ochraceum hygrohypnum moss
Amblystegiaceae Warnstorfia fluitans warnstorfia moss
Aulacomniaceae Aulacomnium androgynum aulacomnium moss
Aulacomniaceae Aulacomnium palustre aulacomnium moss
Bartramiaceae Anacolia mensiesii Menzies' anacola moss
Bartramiaceae Philonotis fontana philonotis moss
Brachytheciaceae Brachythecium albicans brachythecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Brachythecium frigidum cold bachythecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Brachythecium velutinum brachythecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Eurhynchium oreganum Oregon eurhynchium moss
Brachytheciaceae Eurhynchium praelongum eurhynchium moss
Brachytheciaceae Homalothecium fulgescens tree mat homalothecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Homalothecium nuttallii Nuttall's homalothecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Homalothecium pinnatifidum pinnatifid homalothecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Isothecium cristatum isothecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Isothecium myosuroides isothecium moss
Brachytheciaceae Scleropodium obtusifolium obtuseleaf scleropodium moss
Brachytheciaceae Scleropodium touretii Touret's scleropodium moss
Bryaceae Bryum argenteum silvergreen bryum moss
Bryaceae Bryum caespiticium dry calcareous bryum moss
Bryaceae Bryum capillare bryum moss
Bryaceae Bryum dichotomum bryum moss
Bryaceae Bryum miniatum glossy red bryum moss
Bryaceae Epipterygium tozeri Tozer's epipterygium moss
Bryaceae Pohlia camptotrachela pohlia moss
Bryaceae Pohlia cruda pohlia moss
Bryaceae Pohlia nutans pohlia moss
Bryaceae Pohlia wahlenbergii Wahlenberg's pohlia moss
Dicranaceae Dichodontium pellucidum dichodontium moss
Dicranaceae Dicranella heteromalla dicranella moss
Dicranaceae Dicranella varia dicranella moss
Dicranaceae Dicranoweisia cirrata dicranoweisia moss
Dicranaceae Dicranum fuscescens dicranum moss
Dicranaceae Dicranum howellii Howell's dicranum moss
Dicranaceae Dicranum tauricum dicranum moss
Ditrichaceae Ceratodon purpureus ceratodon moss
Ditrichaceae Ditrichum ambiguum ambiguous ditrichum moss
Ditrichaceae Ditrichum schimperi Schimper's ditrichum moss
Ditrichaceae Pleuridium californicum California pleuridium moss
Ditrichaceae Pleuridium subulatum pleuridium moss
Fissidentaceae Fissidens bryoides bryoid fissidens moss
Fissidentaceae Fissidens limbatus fissidens moss
Fissidentaceae Fissidens ventricosus fissidens moss
Fontinalaceae Fontinalis antipyretica antifever fontinalis moss
Funariaceae Funaria hygrometrica funaria moss
Grimmiaceae Grimmia laevigata grimmia dry rock moss
Grimmiaceae Grimmia montana montane dry rock moss
Grimmiaceae Grimmia pulvinata pulvinate dry rock moss
Grimmiaceae Grimmia trichophylla grimmia dry rock moss
Grimmiaceae Racomitrium aciculare racomitrium moss
Grimmiaceae Racomitrium canescens racomitrium moss
Grimmiaceae Racomitrium heterostichum racomitrium moss
Grimmiaceae Racomitrium varium racomitrium moss
Grimmiaceae Schistidium agassizii Agassiz's schistidium moss
Grimmiaceae Schistidium apocarpum schistidium moss
Grimmiaceae Schistidium rivulare var. rivulare streamside schistidium moss
Hedwigiaceae Hedwigia ciliata ciliate hedwigia moss
Hedwigiaceae Pseudobraunia californica California pseudobraunia moss
Hypnacea Hypnum circinale hypnum moss
Hypnacea Hypnum subimponens hypnum moss
Hypnaceae Hypnum circinale hypnum moss
Hypnaceae Hypnum subimponens hypnum moss
Hypnaceae Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans elegant pseudotaxiphyllum moss
Leskeaceae Claopodium bolanderi Bolander's claopodium moss
Leskeaceae Claopodium whippleanum Whipple's claopodium moss
Leucodontaceae Antitrichia californica California antitrichia moss
Leucodontaceae Dendroalsia abietina dendroalsia moss
Leucodontaceae Pterogonium gracile pterogonium moss
Mniaceae Leucolepis acanthoneuron leucolepis umbrella moss
Mniaceae Mnium spinulosum largetooth calcareous moss
Mniaceae Plagiomnium cuspidatum toothed plagiomnium
Mniaceae Plagiomnium insigne plagiomnium moss
Mniaceae Plagiomnium medium intermediate plagiomnium moss
Mniaceae Plagiomnium venustum plagiomnium moss
Mniaceae Rhizomnium glabrescens rhizomnium moss
Neckeraceae Metaneckera menziesii Menzies' metaneckera moss
Neckeraceae Neckera douglasii Douglas' neckera moss
Orthotrichaceae Amphidium californicum California amphidium moss
Orthotrichaceae Orthotrichum consimile orthotrichum moss
Orthotrichaceae Orthotrichum cupulatum orthotrichum moss
Orthotrichaceae Orthotrichum lyellii Lyell's orthotrichum moss
Orthotrichaceae Orthotrichum rivulare streamside orthotrichum moss
Orthotrichaceae Orthotrichum rupestre orthotrichum moss
Orthotrichaceae Zygodon viridissimus zygodon moss
Plagiotheciaceae Plagiothecium undulatum undulate plagiothecium moss
Polytrichaceae Atrichum selwynii Selwyn's atrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichastrum alpinum alpine polytrichastrum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichum commune polytrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichum juniperinum juniper polytrichum moss
Polytrichaceae Polytrichum piliferum polytrichum moss
Pottiaceae Desmatodon heimii Heim's desmatodon moss
Pottiaceae Didymodon rigidulus rigid didymodon moss
Pottiaceae Didymodon vinealis didymodon moss
Pottiaceae Didymodon vinealis var. flaccidus didymodon moss
Pottiaceae Timmiella crassinervis timmiella moss
Pottiaceae Tortula amplexa tortula moss
Pottiaceae Tortula inermis tortula moss
Pottiaceae Tortula laevipila tortula moss
Pottiaceae Tortula princeps tortula moss
Pottiaceae Tortula subulata tortula moss
Pottiaceae Weissia controversa controverial weissia moss
Pterigynandraceae Pterigynandrum filiforme pterigynandrum moss
Ptychomitriaceae Ptychomitrium gardneri Gardner's ptychomitrium moss
Scouleriaceae Scouleria aquatica blackmat splashzone moss
Seligeriaceae Blindia acuta acute blindia moss
Thamnobryaceae Porotrichum bigelovii Bigelow's porotrichum moss